Saturday, January 7, 2012

So I'm back here. Should never have left. I was persuaded into moving to Tumblr, without the warning that I wouldn't do any actual blogging there. My Tumblr is still in use, of course, at , where it fulfills many functions. There might be a few back posts here as I put up anything from Tumblr that might be worth reading, and mainly this will just serve as a place for mindless, or mind-full more like, ramblings, like now, if only to get used to typing again, but when there is something worth reading, you will know.

Stay Tungsten,


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 2

Now that I officially have a blog, I face the difficult question of how often to post.

If you post every day, you run the risk of looking needy (as in desperate, not Amanda Seyfried's character in Jennifer's Body), whereas if you post intemittently readers may lose all interest for lack of patience. Despite being caught in this dilemma, I vailantly vow to proceed.

As I sit here, Heineken glass filled with juice of faucet, I realise I am [unsure where this sentence is going].

Today I completed James M. Cain's crime read "Double Indemnity" - Now a major motion picture. I'm confused by it, I'll admit that much. I've been wondering if it's because I saw the film first, and it's been burned onto my retina, or if it's just that the film has better cinematography, that I believe it to be the correct version of events. I respect Cain for coming up with the original idea, I'm just not sure I'm at all happy with the ending.

In the book, the last encounter between Walter and Phyllis is much more complex, with Walter planning the event and his alibi as carefully as he had the first time around, but it's resolution is one that, though I can understand it (until the last chapter), I don't agree with it. I don't want to spoil for people who haven't seen the film so I'm not going to go into details, but Billy Wilder's simplicity adds to rather than detracts from the story and he gives the characters a shade more humanity, that makes the ending almost poignant instead of just plain abrupt.

I did not begin blogging intending it as a flick (both paper and celluloid) review page so hopefully you'll see some variety soon from me. For now I descend from my perch to make pasta, pour Club Orange, and count the minutes until the television broadcasters (also kind enough to screen Sunset Blvd. for me on Thursday) screen Jersey Girl.


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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Last week I said I wanted to start a blog. This week I have done little writing, in any form. I have, instead, watched countless movies, in other words 7 in the last 3 days. Joyful me for having chosen a course focused on a method of escapism.

Anyway the fact that I am, with difficulty (It just all reads like shit, in other words cum in a fucking ashtray. Excuse the language although I think Chloe Moretz would be proud), what was I saying, oh yeah, writing this, might indicate that I am returning.

Or not, as I have run out of speak. Ah, now I recall, Double Indemnity, the novel, was purchased yesterday. At present it has little that the flick cut out, and all of the most delightful banter in the film is missing from the novel. This is contrary to all past experience of adaptation, and wil surely lead me to worship one Billy Wilder. Despite this I was still so caught up that I nearly missed it. I stumbled into seat J6, screen 5, just as the trailers drew to a close.

Kick Ass. Especially the above mentioned Chloe Moretz, despite being only 13. On the other hand Nicholas Cage in his 30 years of acting experience has figured out how to correctly play Sheldon Cooper, a poor reflection on him, but hilarious in situ. It really is a refined piece of fun, an adventure that knows it's references. I found myself comparing the experience to the first time seeing Inglourious Basterds "au cine".

That just about brings us up to date, although you mustn't bank on a further instalment anytime soon. I am just too sporadic.

Bye Bitches.

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